qualification qual‧i‧fi‧ca‧tion [ˌkwɒlfˈkeɪʆn ǁ ˌkwɑː-] noun
1. [countable usually plural] an examination that you have passed at school, university, or in your profession:

• The government is determined to reduce the number of young people leaving school with no qualifications.

• Even without paper qualifications (= official qualifications rather than experience or personal qualities ) , a well-motivated young girl should be able to find work as a shop assistant or a waitress.

2. [countable] a skill, personal quality, or type of experience that makes you suitable for a particular job:

• Mr. Burkett has all the qualifications for a big-time fund-raiser: a limitless capacity for talking on the phone, and a lot of rich personal contacts.

• Isobel has all the right qualifications to become a good manager.

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If you are qualified, you have suitable knowledge, experience, or qualifications to do a particular job:

• All our staff are highly qualified.

Some professions, for example accountancy, require their members to have a professional qualification, such as an ACA ( Associate of the Institute of Chartered Accountants) from a professional organization (= official organization that represents a particular profession ) . Other jobs require an academic qualification, such as a bachelor's degree (= BA, BS, or BSc ) or a master's degree (= MA, MSc, or MS ) . Jobs, such as carpentry or plumbing, require vocational qualifications which are awarded by an organization such as the City and Guilds in the UK. Someone who is skilled has the training and experience that is needed to do something well:

• Skilled craftsmen, such as carpenters, are in great demand.

A skilled worker does work that involves special skills that they have gained through training:

• The shortage of skilled workers is having a significant effect on the industry.

A semi-skilled worker is not in a highly skilled or professional job, but needs some special skills to do their job:

• The research found a steady decline in the ratio of semi-skilled workers in industries that employ a large number of foreign workers.

An unskilled worker does work that does not involve any special skill or training:

• The government is planning to put in place safeguards to prevent exploitation of unskilled workers.

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qualification UK US /ˌkwɒlɪfɪˈkeɪʃən/ noun HR
[C] an official record showing that you have successfully finished a course of training or study, have the skills necessary to do something, etc.: »

Salary will depend on qualifications and experience.

gain/get/obtain a qualification »

Graduates are encouraged to gain professional qualifications.

teaching/coaching/surveying qualifications »

Do you have any teaching qualifications?


formal/academic/vocational qualifications

a qualification in sth »

A degree or equivalent qualification in tourism is desirable.


I wasn't very good at school and left at 15 with no qualifications.


Knowledge and character rather than paper qualifications are important in a successful manager.

[C] an ability, characteristic, or experience that makes you suitable for a particular job or activity: »

He listed his experience of project management as a qualification for the job.


She has all the right qualifications for this difficult assignment.

qualification to do sth »

Eternal optimism is the qualification you need above all to be a technology fund manager.

See also BONA FIDE OCCUPATIONAL QUALIFICATION(Cf. ↑bona fide occupational qualification)

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